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Published: Tuesday, 10th December, 2013 12:40pm

Return of the quack!

Profile by Laura Ryder

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Jamie Kerrigan and his grandfather Patrick Mangan help release a duck in Edenderry.
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Edenderry Harbour is home to ducks once more. Last Saturday - two months after more than 20 ducks were beheaded there - the harbour was re-stocked with over 40 mallards in front of a large crowd of happy locals.

The new ducks were provided by the Offaly Regional Game Council, and local councillor and chairman of Edenderry Tidy Towns Noel Cribbin said they should provide years of pleasure.

Edenderry Harbour until recently was a family-friendly duck-feeding area, and included a duck shelter dubbed “Duckingham Palace”.

In early October that all changed however, with more than 20 ducks beheaded and their heads left at the harbour area.

Shortly after the incident the Offaly Regional Game Council generously offered to re-stock the harbour, and that came to fruition last Saturday at 10am.

“On behalf of the Tidy Towns committee I would like to thank the good members and officers of the local game council for their decent, generous and genuine offer to help us out,” Cllr Cribbin said.

“Our wish now is that the ducks will bring many years of pleasure to the kids and parents of the town.”

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