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Published: Thursday, 22nd May, 2014 3:53pm

A most unusual wake-up call!

Profile by Laura Ryder

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The horses that visited Carrick Vale last Monday.
Pic by==: 97

Offaly photographer Finn Mooney’s usual subjects are of the human kind.

However he couldn’t help but grab a picture of the horses that greeted him when he left his house in the Carrick Vale estate in Edenderry for work last Monday morning.

Though the only animals usually seen in a housing estate are domestic pets, it seems nobody told the horses that greeted the residents of the 50-house estate as they woke up to begin their week.

“It was the most bizarre thing,” Finn said.

It’s thought the horses decided to go walkabout from their field up the road from Carrick Vale. Finn was confronted on walking out his door with horses running towards him, as residents tried to herd them back from where they had come.

With his professional camera in his studio, Finn took a quick photo with his iphone. He’s not sure one of his subjects in particular was impressed however.“The horse on the left was staring at me, as if to say 'no pictures please’,” he laughed.

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