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Your Home Interior

Monday, 3rd December, 2012 4:45pm

Your Home Interior

Are you lucky enough to have the funds to completely redesign the interior of your home? This is a dream for many, it is an exciting project and one to really get in to and get creative with. You are free to put in any features you desire and to make the functional aspects of your home into a world of art.

Whether you want to modernise an old building or recreate a traditional feel in a new one every aspect and every detail is up to you. Make the most of this freedom and try out some wacky designs even if they are toned down for the finished product. Look around and collect inspiration then get drawing!


These are important to the feel you want to create in the room. You may want to keep the atmosphere light, uncluttered and airy. In this case clean, straight lines and neutral colours will be what you are working with. If you want to give the room a cosy, comfier feel you may want to play with some soft curves. These lines can be manifest in the shape of the furniture you choose, or patterns on carpets, cushions and curtains.

Traditional Features

If your home is an old one it may have some period features that you want to preserve. It always adds to the value of a house if these are accentuated and well maintained. This may be an old fireplace which you can surround with antique fire tongs and brushes which can be found easily at architectural salvage stores. Or you might have some old beams that have not been covered up. Keeping them natural and wooden rather than painting over them may take some light out of the room and make the ceiling seem lower but you can use this to your advantage and create the atmosphere of a country cottage.


There may be a large feature in the room, the presence of which is necessary so you have to keep it there in some form. An example of this might be a flight of stairs. Don't let you get this down though. You can design your own staircase and do a quick internet search to find someone local to make them for you. All it takes is a few seconds to type in stair manufacturers Dublin and your wish will be fulfilled.


Think hard about the lighting of the room as this has a big impact on the atmosphere. If you will be in there primarily in the day time keep the windows uncovered so the sunlight will stream in. If it is more of an evening room think about placing floor lamps and table lamps about the place as these will give a more intimate glow.

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