Vincent brownes peoples debate to visit offaly

Monday, 29th June, 2015 10:03am

Vincent brownes peoples debate to visit offaly

Offaly constituents are invited to participate in ‘The People’s Debate with Vincent Browne’ in the Tullamore Court Hotel on Monday, July 6 from 7pm.

The TV3 programme is almost halfway through its tour of all 40 constituencies. Sitting TDs are invited to join the panel, while members of the general public, political party representatives and a variety of groups and associations are all encouraged to join in discussion on matters of local and national importance.

In each one of the 40 Irish constituencies, The People’s Debate with Vincent Browne, will see a town hall debate with a local audience, calling TDs to account, querying them on what they are promising their constituents.

Previous topics that have proved popular amongst other constituencies include taxation, heath and community services, austerity, housing, cuts to public services, unemployment, jobs, childcare and Irish Water. The burning issues for the Offaly constituency will become clear on the night as locals are encouraged to put forward topics they’d like discussed.

The People’s Debate with Vincent Browne hopes to involve as many local people as possible around the country, not just TDs. The edition focusing on the Offaly Constituency will air two days later on Wednesday, July 8 at 10pm.

Constituents are advised to arrive at the Tullamore Court Hotel where the event will be held, from 7pm on the night. The debate will get underway at 8pm and all sitting TDs are invited to attend and take part in the debate as part of the panel.