Call for talented children age 4-9

Tuesday, 12th June, 2018 11:02am

Call for talented children age 4-9

RTÉjr are casting a new show called TWO TALENTED and are putting a call out for talented children age 4-9 years to get involved.

This is an amazing opportunity for younger kids to get on the big stage, there will be no judges or criticism just family fun. Children can sing or dance and applications can be solos, duets or trios.

This child centred studio entertainment show will feature children performing on stage themselves and then, they will mentor a chosen adult family member to perform with them, this can be Gran, Dad, aunt, uncle etc.

The show is all about the child star mentoring the adult, so family members just need to be willing to get on stage with them (not necessarily super talented).

Applications close Friday June 22.

Filming will take place in RTÉ studios Dublin, from July 16th - July 28th.  They will need to be available for one of these dates.

Upload a 40 second clip and apply here:

For more information visit the RTÉjr website: 

Or contact  01 284 3877 / 083 058 0229.

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