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Published: Friday, 13th December, 2013 12:24pm

Charleville Castle fire on sale

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Want a piece of this? Now you can!
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Anyone who has been to Charleville Castle has probably admired the 200 year old fireplace in the castle’s grand ballroom. In a novel attempt at raising funds for the castle and the Shakefest 2014 festival the fireplace - and fire - is now being made available...virtually!

“You can enjoy this ballroom fireplace’s original beauty and real flames without the smell of smoke, and you can play the Charleville Castle virtual fireplace on any computer or laptop, without having to clean up any ashed afterwards,” fundraisers say.

“Not only is this virtual flames video great for parties or festivities during the Christmas or winter season, the best part of a virtual fire is that the flame never dies down, and you get to experience the authentic beauty and artistry of a 200 year old castle.”

The virtual fire obviously won’t do anything for someone looking for a bit of warmth, but those behind the project promise it has been beautifully recorded with ambient sound and professional video quality.

The virtual fire can be yours for €7.50, with the more expensive DVD option setting buyers back €10.50. For that you’ll get a one hour video featuring three separate scenes with natural crackling sounds.

If you still want to know more or want to get your hands on a copy you’ll find all the info at

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