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Published: Thursday, 12th June, 2014 11:25am

The sun really is on its way!

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The sun is coming!
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You can hang out the washing with confidence over the weekend, weather forecasts for Offaly are suggesting.

Speaking to the Offaly Independent, Met Eireann forecaster Siobhan Ryan said while tomorrow (Friday) might feature some passing showers, it’s going to be dry and sunny over the weekend and perhaps even nicer again into next week.

“It’s a good news weather story,” Siobhan said, describing dry weather, high temperatures and slackening winds that are to come thanks to building high pressure.

This evening (Thursday) is set to be nice and sunny. Tomorrow we have to deal with a front moving down from the north west, which will probably bring with it some precipitation and lead to cloudier skies however.

“That’s the only caveat,” Siobhan promised though, adding that tomorrow will be by no means a write off, and will feature some nice, albeit hazy, sunshine.

Forecasters expect the sunshine to break through properly on Saturday and Sunday, while temperatures are expected to hit the high teens, or even 20 degrees Celsius, from tomorrow.

“We’re nearly guaranteed dry weather for the weekend,” Siobhan said, adding that at the moment forecasts suggest the weather will pick up even more into next week.

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