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Published: Monday, 16th June, 2014 12:30pm

Nothing middling about midweek temperatures expected in Westmeath

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Westmeath and the wider midlands is going to get the best of the good weather this week, according to forecasters at Met Eireann.

Today (Monday), temperatures of up to 22 degrees Celsius are expected, with similar to come tomorrow. Wednesday brings the peak however, with thermometers set to sizzle at up to 24 degrees in the midlands.

Exam students have to date avoided the usual hot weather that coincides with State exams. Wednesday will put Ireland on a par with some of the world’s renowned sunny spots however. Locations around the world recording temperatures of 24 degrees Celsius today for example include Honolulu, Dallas and Monaco.

According to forecaster Deirdre Lowe the weather past Wednesday, while dropping back a few degrees, will remain dry over next weekend and into next week. Cloud is set to increase after Wednesday however, with a more northerly breeze also expected.

While the country as a whole is experiencing nice weather today, and can expect it to heat up even more on Wednesday, it’s the midlands that is expected to record the highest temperatures of the country.

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