Aidean begins the reiki therapy starting at the engery points in your head.Photo: Ann Hennessy.

Heal your mind, body and soul with a Reiki treatment

Energy is almost becoming like a finite resource; we all need it, most of us want more and of course, we all want energy of the positive kind. Amidst a few busy weeks in my life, I felt in need of a little 'me' time to help clear my head and calm the mind, so I headed to Ferbane to have a Reiki treatment. Aidean Ryan is a Reiki Master with many years' experience. She works from her home 'Sakara House' in Brosna View, where a warm welcome awaited me last week. Aidean's treatment room was flooded with sunlight which seemed to be an appropriate symbol for the kind of treatment I was about to receive. Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique that harnesses the energy that surrounds us in the universe to treat all kinds of illness. Being filled with positive energy was something I was badly in need of! It's a holistic therapy which treats the person as a whole - balancing the mind, body and spirit - no matter what the ailment. Reiki helps to treat emotional or mental problems during stressful times in your life, to bigger concerns such as anxiety or depression. Aidean pointed out that it is of particular help to teenagers who might be under pressure with exams or having the normal growing-up concerns. And like any kind of cycle, if you're stressed or feeling negative, then our health can suffer even more. Reiki can also help to treat many physical ailments such as backache, skin complaints, cancer and shock/trauma - again showing the power of the mind when it comes to staying healthy. Before Aidean started the treatment, we chatted a bit about the treatment and the theory behind it. It's a process that is hard to describe, because it's a very abstract happening but the benefits are real and tangible. I then got comfy with a soft blanket on the treatment table, lying down on my back. There are a number of different areas on your head and body that mark the energy points where Aidean worked on (such as the 'third eye' in the forehead area). With Reiki, the practitioner doesn't have to touch the person, instead Aidean just held her hands above these energy points starting at the head and moving down to the arms, torso, legs and feet. I turned on my front, and she started at my feet and worked her way up again. Another positive aspect of the treatment is that it is completely non-invasive which can help people who may not like other treatments that involve touch. People feel different things during a Reiki treatment. For me, I became deeply relaxed very quickly, and during some parts, wasn't even aware of Aidean's presence. A lot of thoughts were flying through my head but they were random and unconnected, then sometimes my mind went clear. I had some tingly feelings along my hands at one stage but there were no other physical side-effects. During the treatment, I lost all sense of time, but at some stage after Aidean had finished on the energy points around my head, I began to feel very content, secure and calm. Aidean said I could speak at any stage if I needed or if I wanted to tell her if I felt anything, but I didn't feel the need to speak apart from a quick "I'm ok" in response to her enquiry and I just spent my time suspended in a very restful state. After she was finished, Aidean left me for a little while and I began to zone back into the real world again. Afterwards we spoke a bit about the treatment and what we both experienced from it. She commented that I seemed very open to the treatment. I left Ferbane feeling very refreshed, upbeat and mentally strong. Over the next few days, I felt really at peace with myself and happy, content and relaxed. I was also more upbeat and felt positive and mentally-stronger. Everyone will feel different after a treatment - sometimes the effects can last for weeks or months - and obviously the more you get it, the less chance there is of negative stuff building up inside you again. Anyone can also learn to work with Reiki energy and you can even practise on yourself and friends after completing the level one course. For more information or to book an appointment with Aidean Ryan, you can phone her on 086 8030872.