Fr Niall Molloy

State inquiry into Fr Molloy's death sought

Two Labour Senators are calling for the setting up of a commission of inquiry into the death of Fr Niall Molloy. In the Seanad yesterday (Thursday), John Kelly and John Whelan called for the establishment of an inquiry into the brutal death in July 1985 of the Roscommon priest. Fr Niall Molloy's life was taken in Clara, when he was a guest at a wedding. The circumstances of his death warrant an independent investigation, to allay mounting public disquiet, according to the two Senators. Senators Kelly and Whelan have called on the Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, to initiate such an inquiry immediately, as already promised by the Minister himself to Fr Molloy's family when he was in opposition. Senator John Kelly said that Fr Molloy was murdered and whoever was responsible has remained at large for almost 30 years. Fr Molloy was in his prime and voted Roscommon 'Man of the Year' only weeks earlier, such was the regard and high esteem in which he was held, in Roscommon and the Midlands. And yet to date there has been no successful investigation, which has left his grieving family, friends and community, waiting for answers and closure. Senator John Whelan said that a substantial new body of evidence had now come into the public domain which made it incumbent on the government to instigate an independent inquiry into this affair. The Senators said the circumstances of Fr Molloy's death are distressing enough, but the fact that no one has ever been convicted in connection with the death continues to cause distress and public disquiet. The bottom line, according to the two senators, is that the State has failed Fr Niall Molloy and his family. They believe the full truth and the full facts have to be established. Therefore, the only way to find out what really happened in Clara on July 1985, and for justice to be finally served, is for the Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter, to immediately establish a Commission of inquiry into the death of Fr Niall Molloy.