A look at key changes in the motor industry

The motor industry remains one of the most innovative and quickly developing sectors in the world. In the face of a worldwide financial crisis and rising concerns about the environment, car manufacturers, such as Honda, were forced to act.

They have adapted to create a market filled with options for the consumer, the variety of which reflects the times. Small changes are being made to the motor industry on a daily basis, but there have been a few in recent years which have really made a difference. Here, we take a look at those changes and consider how positive they have been for people all around the world.

Reduced fuel consumption and improved efficiency

Our awareness of the impact which our daily lives are having on the environment could have been disastrous for the motor industry. Instead, car manufacturers have listened, thought and developed some truly astounding technology which works to reduce the impact that motoring has on the planet. The cutting edge of environmentally friendly motoring constitutes electrically powered vehicles, with zero emissions.

This technology has also been incorporated into the design of cars sporting a traditional combustion engine, in the form of hybrid vehicles. These advances have seen dramatically lower emissions and are at the forefront of the changing face of motoring. Electric motoring is not the be all and end all of innovation, however. Diesel cars are now more fuel-efficient than ever, allowing road users to cut down on pollution and save themselves some money at the pump. Models such as the Honda civic type r exemplify the car industry's ability to blend superior fuel consumption with outstanding performance, meaning that the road user does not need to compromise.

Accessible vehicles

Just as some people require a great deal of space and others look for performance, some people need their cars to be adapted to allow for a physical disability. The Motability scheme has for some time been committed to getting disabled people on the road by ensuring that there exists a wide variety of affordable vehicles available to people with specific needs. Motability cars are a great example of how car manufacturers are able to tailor their vehicles to the needs of their users. Whether you or somebody in your family has a disability which makes using your vehicle different, looking into the Motability scheme could well provide you with a solution.


The amount of useful technology with which new cars are now equipped is stunning. Not only are we able to make use of satellite navigation to find tucked away destinations, but we can employ state of the art parking sensors to help us squeeze into a tight space, should we be lucky enough to find one at all. On-board computers are now able to offer the driver all sorts of key information, from estimated arrival times to average levels of fuel consumption. Today, our cars are smart enough not only to get us from A to B, but to make the journey as easy as possible.

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