Greyhounds in need of a good home

 The ISPCA is urgently looking for new homes for a number of greyhounds in their care.

Working with the Irish Greyhound Board and local dog warden the charity’s inspectors recently removed 19 greyhounds from a hoarding situation in Meath.

 While all were of good body weight, the dogs were kept in very poor conditions and some had mange and overgrown nails. A file is being prepared in relation to the matter.

 Some of the dogs have been taken in by other rescue groups but seven are currently at the ISPCA National Animal Centre and there is concern that they will be overlooked by prospective adopters.

 ISPCA Chief Inspector Conor Dowling said: “Too many people just don’t realise what good pets greyhounds make.  They do not require large amounts of exercise, they don’t shed much hair, and the vast majority are great with children and even with smaller animals. They mostly like to laze about which is why they have been christened the 40 mile per hour couch potato”.

 The ISPCA is asking anyone who can offer one of these wonderful dogs a permanent new home to contact the ISPCA National Animal Centre on 043 3325035, email or drop in for a visit Wednesday to Sunday between 11:30am and 4pm.  For more information, please visit