A night time shot of Kinnitty Castle Hotel.

Plans revealed for new Kinnitty distillery

Kinnitty Castle could be set to become a major tourism destination if plans to construct a distillery, visitors centre, bar and craft workshop are realised.

Teroboc Limited have announced their intention to apply for permission for the development, which consists of the alteration and material change of use of the existing coach house and stable outbuildings, to the rear of Kinnitty Castle Hotel, to a craft distillery and visitor centre.
The altered buildings will contain space for the distillery process, bottling area, storage and retail area, tasting area and bar, craft workshops, ancillary staff areas and toilets.
If the plan comes to fruition, the development could be akin to that of Slane Castle’s decision to transform its 250-year-old stables and grain stores into a whiskey distillery, that produces Slane Whiskey.

In 2017, Slane Castle’s owners Lord Henry Mount Charles and his son, Alex Conynham, teamed up with US company Brown Forman, makers of Jack Daniels and other beverages, to open its distillery and now makes Slane Whiskey.
If Kinnitty Castle were to do the same, it’s believed it would see an upsurge in tourism, particularly from the US who are a nation of whiskey lovers and would be something similar to that of Slane Castle’s opening of its very own distillery and visitors centre in 2017 that attracts more than 40,000 visitors a year.

Teroboc’s intention to apply for planning permission was announced in a local newspaper planning notice this week. The proposed development is within the curtilage of a protected structure.