Chief Medical Officer, Dr Tony Holohan on right

Worst update of deaths since crisis began

The Department of Health has confirmed it has been notified of another 77 deaths today.
It’s by far the largest increase in deaths since the COVID-19 crisis began.
However, at the nightly briefing today, Chief Medical Officer Tony Holohan clarified that the receipt of a notification today does not indicate that the death took place in the last 24 hours.
Mr Holohan has previously displayed a graph based on the date of deaths which appeared to indicate that the death rate peaked some 12 days ago.
Some 67 of the deaths are located in the east, four in the west, four in the north-west and two in the south of the country
There have now been 687 COVID-19 related deaths in Ireland.
As of 1pm Monday, April 20, the HPSC has been notified of an additional 401 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 reported by Irish laboratories.
There is now a total of 15,652 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Ireland.
The most recent county breakdown, provided tonight, but dating from midnight on Saturday, shows there were 190 cases in Offaly, up just three from the previous night.