WATCH: Seven people have narrow escape as car smashes through gates of pub following crash on notorious junction

A near tragedy took place at Crockett's Pub, Bective, on Wednesday, when a vehicle ploughed through the gates of the pub yard following a collision with a van on the junction, causing three men that were in the yard to jump out of its way.

Declan Smyth, son of publican David, was directly in front of the gate and had to jump out of the way of the vehicle as it smashed through the gates at the side of the pub. His father and local man, Joey Keena, were also working in the yard, and also narrowly avoided being struck by the vehicle.

Declan Smyth said: “There's been many crashes here over the years and almost daily people drive straight through the crossroads.

"This is definitely the most serious incident that's happened and with seven people involved, including a mother with two small kids, myself, my father, Joey Keena and the man driving the van, it's lucky nobody was killed or seriously injured.

He continued: "I'm calling on Meath County Council and all our local politicians to actually do something with this junction once and for all.

"For far too long this cross has been an accident blackspot and I'm sure many people have stories about near misses and close calls at this junction.

"Does somebody have to be killed for action to be taken? The council have been contacted about this and have been on many different occasions over the years but nothing has ever been done.”

WATCH: Men missed by inches as car ploughs through gates

Aftermath.. the van involved in the collision outside Crockett's pub.
Emergency services at the scene
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