Larissa's smiles of sadness with latest single release

Photo: Larissa Tormey's new single cover.

When it comes down to any measure of recorded output, there are few artists who match the prolific Midlands-based singer/songwriter Larissa Tormey. And Larissa, despite a recent heartache which means that her own smiles are undoubtedly tinged with sadness right now, is about to give her fans yet another reason to smile as she releases her latest single this week.

That track, 'You Miss My Smile' is part of a body of a wide-ranging work which the Russian native has been busily working away on over the lockdown period, and which she's hoping to release later this year or early in 2021.

In fact, Larissa's classical background and training, combined with her interest in and natural flair for a more contemporary sonic palette, means that the Kilbeggan-based star actually has two different projects in the works.

Earlier this summer Larissa released another original song from her own prolific pen, 'Black Cat', a cheeky, playful, jazzy number that showcased her ability to shine in any genre.'You Miss My Smile', however, most definitely belongs in the country category, and sees her return to the style which first saw her gain national attention.

Sadly, though, as Larissa prepares for what would normally be a time of great excitement around the release of a new single, there's a heartbreaking irony in the title of her latest work. In a post on her social media platforms last week, Larissa shared the sombre news that she had lost her father, writing: "My dad passed away today. He is with mom now, hopefully they are peaceful wherever they are."

There are two things we think Larissa can be sure of. The first is that her mother and father are once again in each other's arms on heaven's dance-floor now. And the second, is that in that perfect and peaceful place, they're dancing to one of their talented daughter's beautiful songs.

Not only has Larissa continued to write, record, and release new music despite the previously unimaginable strangeness which has been most of 2020, she has also been expressing her creativity through her own music show, 'My Music And My Story'. The show has proved to be a huge success with music fans, with thousands tuning in each week. Larissa's genuine and always warm-hearted support for fellow artists has also provided a welcome platform for similarly talented souls to share their music and their personal stories as each edition features a different singer or songwriter from all around the world.

Amidst the sadness of the last week for Larissa, however, there was also a little ray of light. It was announced that her show will soon be joining the line-up of MKB Independent Radio.

Larissa's new single, 'You Miss My Smile', will be available on all platforms from August 10th. For further details on when Larissa's show 'My Music And My Story' will begin broadcasting on MKB Independent radio, you can follow Larissa on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as staying updated by checking out her official website,

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