Clara to host novel Halloween Heritage Hunt

Usually at this time of the year, Clara town is decked out for Halloween and gearing up for the now annual jam packed Scare in the Square, which has drawn large crowds from near and far over the past few years.

Sadly due to Covid restrictions, this year Halloween in Clara, like many other towns will be a much quieter affair. However, to keep the little ones busy and help families do something interesting over the midterm within the 5km limits, Clara Heritage Committee have devised a family friendly free activity with their "Halloween Heritage Hunt".

Tara McGrath (PRO for Clara Heritage Committee) stated: “The idea behind the Heritage Hunt is to get families out and about during midterm, to do something together as a family in the fresh air while at the same time learning about their local heritage and history in a fun way."

The committee has drawn up a series of twelve "cryptic" clues of heritage based locations around the town, and some a little further out for people to identify and to take a selfie at. Most of the sites have been mentioned at some point on the Clara Heritage's Facebook page and will be familiar to many local people.

Once participants have taken all 12 selfies and submitted a collage of same to the Clara Heritage's Facebook Page they will be entered into a draw for a number of "spooktacular" prizes sponsored by St Brigid's Credit Union and a number of local businesses.

The Clara Heritage Committee were delighted with the response to their event on their social media pages and look forward to many entries over the Midterm Break.

All the locations listed in the clues are publicly accessible and do not require special access. However the committee would ask that children are accompanied at all times by an adult/guardian to ensure their safety. The locations are located within Clara town and its outskirts and it is not expected that all sites will be visited on the one day, so there is plenty of time over Midterm to figure out the clues and visit the sites at your leisure.

The Heritage Committee are aware that there are many living further afield beyond the 5km limit but who would like to participate in the heritage hunt. Those that would like to enter the competition but are unable due to the travel restrictions can submit their answers directly to the committee via the Clara Heritage Group Facebook page to be entered into the prize draw.

“The feedback from the community and local business community was very encouraging, especially St. Brigid's Credit Union who were very supportive of the initiative and came on board very quickly to support the event,” Tara McGrath said.

For readers who'd like to solve the puzzle the clues can be found below:

#1 Clara's patron Saint founded an abbey here?

#2 The author of "The Island of Ghosts" is laid to rest here?

#3 You'd be given the "sack" if you were late to this school?

#4 Marian will meet you here at 19:54

#5 The Flag flies high here for 7 brave patriots.

#6 100 years ago this location was under attack. Now it's a "bar" without its "racks"

#7 Don't know whether to go east or west?? This location has been putting people on the right track since 1859?

#8 This chimney "loomed" over locals who "weaved" in and out below it for over 100 years

#9 Don't be "Board" this Halloween - Clara is a magical place where you can "walk" on water.

#10 These sisters were doing it for themselves since 1862 - now it's gone a bit gaa-gaa.

#11 Esk'yer ma and da if you can go "Loopy" chasing Rabbittes up Hills here.

#12 This walk could be Eerie at Halloween what with its abandoned villages and fairy forts.

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