Council targets littering at bring banks

Offaly County Council has recently issued 200 litter fines for littering at bring banks this year.

Using government grant assistance over the past number of months, the local authority has invested in high tech CCTV to catch those illegally dumping. So far, there has been 200 individuals captured on the system and have received or will be receiving a litter fine of €150 under Section 3 of the Litter Pollution Act, 1997.

Caroline Clancy, Environmental Awareness Officer with Offaly County Council says: “Bring banks are a community service provided by the Council, to assist the public in recycling their glass bottles and cans and in some cases, textiles. This, in turn, reduces your waste bill“.

“Abuse of these facilities by disposing of household waste such as cardboard boxes, plastic boxes or any type of domestic waste at recycling facilities causes an environmental hazard as well as attracting more illegal dumping and can often result in the removal of this important facility from a local community, “ she added.