Singer Simon Casey.

Simon's new album is perfect for our times

When it comes to songs of love, Simon Casey has always possessed a voice perfect for sentimentality and romance. The Offaly man his just released his immaculately produced new album – 'This Kinda Love'.

The collection opens with a treat for fans, in the shape of a brand new song from the man himself, the album's title-track, 'This Kinda Love'. Coming in at just under two-minutes, the simplicity of the song is in itself a message for the times we're in.

Life is simple. Love is simple. And sometimes, that's all we need to remember.

'This Kinda Love' is an album to be enjoyed in a way that just lets your soul soak in it at the end of a long day, or a hard week. And yes, at the end of a tough year, too. It's one to reach for when your spirit needs to find the sort of calm and safe harbour that only music - and love - ever bring. There's a grace, a gentleness, and indeed, a simplicity too, underlying everything to do with this album. And it reminds the listener of two indisputable certainties...

Love is everything. And Simon Casey is the greatest singer of love-songs that Ireland has seen and heard in decades.

*2020 has obviously been very tough for everyone. Could you tell us something positive you'll take from the year just gone?

2020 gave me an opportunity to complete my fifth studio album ‘This Kinda Love’ which has just been released. It’s been a very tough time everyone involved in the arts and the music business.

*What has been the biggest impact of the pandemic on your career?

Obviously not having gigged since mid March, it’s been a very different year for me.

Who can ever have predicted something like this would ever happen?

*How many gigs did you play in 2020, and how many did you have to cancel?

I had played about 20 gigs early in the year, we were in the middle of our ‘Take it To the Limit’ tour also when the plug was pulled. We had to cancel our German tour also as well as reschedule all my weddings for 2020. It’s been very tough but I think I’ve been able to facilitate most couples with new dates for ‘21 & ‘22.

*Did you read any books in 2020, and if so, what was the best book you read?

I’ve just finished Champagne Football, the John Delaney story. A really good read and a shocker, what a mess!

*What music have you listened to most over the past year?

Been listening to a lot of American country this year, it went well with barbecue and beer especially in early lockdown.

*Did you go on any holidays or family breaks in 2020? If so, what was your favourite place?

We went to Wexford for a week during the summer just before Offaly was locked down. We love it down there, plenty of beaches and great restaurants.

*Did you learn anything new about yourself in 2020?

I’ve done quite a lot of song writing in 2020. It’s something I’d never really spent time developing but I’ve a few nice tunes to show for it now, so it’s very rewarding.

*What are your hopes for 2021, and what are you most looking forward to?

Looking forward to getting back out to filling big Irish wedding dance floors, hoping to have another new album in 2021 and bringing our ‘Take it to the Limit’ show to another level.

Interview: Geraldine Grennan.

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