Have your say on the new Killina Presentation Resource Centre plans. Photo: Noel Spain.

Have your say on the new Killina resource centre plans

A survey aimed at developing plans to create a suitable multi-user community facility at the new Killina Presentation Resource Centre has been launched and people are being encouraged to take part.

The survey which is part of a feasibility study being carried out by consultants Tourism Development International, will focus on the technical and financial viability of the project.

The output of the feasibility study will be a report that can be used as the basis for future funding applications. It will include drawings illustrating the proposed uses for the former convent building and grounds.

This work has been enabled through local community donations and substantial funding from LEADER and Offaly Local Development Company. It will include extensive community and local agency engagement to strike a balance between serving the community while ensuring sustainability into the future.

Committee member, Diarmuid Mollin, said: “We encourage you to give your observations on how you believe the former convent could become an outstanding community resource centre for the benefit of the local community and visitors alike”.

The survey can be accessed through this link: https://online1.snapsurveys.com/KillinaPresentationConvent or can be found on www.killinacentre.ie and on the resource centre’s social media channels.

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