Pictured at the launch of Electric Ireland Superhomes are Stephen O’Connor, Managing Director Electric Ireland Superhomes; Marguerite Sayers, Executive Director Electric Ireland; Eamon Ryan TD, Minister for the Environment, Climate and Communications and Seamus Hoyne, Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Tipperary Energy Agency

Warmer Midlands homes and lower energy bills with Electric Ireland Superhomes

For anyone planning home renovation work in the next few months, now is the time to consider an energy retrofit; especially as SEAI grant funding of up to 35% is currently available. However, knowing where to start, getting the right information and understanding how to navigate a retrofit project can be a daunting prospect. Now, through Electric Ireland Superhomes, a recently announced partnership between Electric Ireland and the Tipperary Energy Agency, homeowners can avail of a service which manages the whole retrofit process for them and promises the best quality energy retrofit in Ireland.

Electric Ireland Superhomes is a one-stop-shop for home energy retrofits. This means they offer independent advice and expertise; designing the retrofit and looking after all the key stages from initial survey through to quality assurance at the end of the work. They even manage the SEAI grant application process and engage leading contractors and experienced retrofit specialists to help homeowners through an often complex process. Electric Ireland Superhomes focuses on whole-house, heat pump led retrofit projects; bringing homes to a minimum of a “B2” BER energy rating through a number of energy upgrade measures.

What is an energy retrofit?

Stephen O’Connor, Managing Director, Electric Ireland Superhomes explains some of the features and benefits of a deep energy retrofit: “A ’whole house’ approach is really important. To create a truly energy efficient, warm home we need to understand how the house works as an interrelated and interdependent system. Draughty doors will draw heat from your home no matter how efficient your heating; installing energy efficient windows can lead to condensation and mould if the house is poorly ventilated. Even in a well-insulated house, a room might be cold if the heating system is badly designed”.

The core elements of a retrofit are an air to water heat pump, advanced ventilation, airtightness improvements to reduce draughts and heat loss as well as insulation to a very high standard.

“Results include significant savings in energy bills, a warmer, more comfortable and healthier home, a reduction in carbon emissions and an increased value of the property” adds Stephen.

A retrofit as part of a home renovation

A lot of homeowners consider energy upgrades while they are planning renovation works but the thoughts of managing a project of this scale can be off-putting. Aoife and Paul Davey from Shinrone, Co. Offaly who live in a bungalow built in the early 80s, recently got an Electric Ireland Superhomes retrofit.

Having initially planned cosmetic improvements to their home, Aoife and Paul were interested in including some energy upgrades. Friends of theirs had completed significant energy upgrades to their home and they were inspired by this and wanted to do something similar.

Aoife and Paul Davey from Shinrone, Co. Offaly recently got an Electric Ireland Superhomes retrofit.

After speaking with an Electric Ireland Superhomes Advisor, Aoife and Paul realised they could futureproof their house with a deep retrofit, save money on bills and do their bit for the planet. “They took away the hassle of paperwork and secured grant funding for the works on our behalf which was so important to us”, says Aoife.

The end result of the retrofit works saw their bungalow go from an E2 BER rating up to a B1.

“People have been really surprised at the energy rating we have achieved with an older house. There is this perception that you can only get the most energy efficient home from a new build but that’s just not the case.” Aoife said.

The energy upgrade works took 6 weeks in total and were completed at the same time as the other work done to their house. Aoife and Paul love the look of their new improved home but say the feel is even better.

“It’s lovely to have a new kitchen but in the depths of winter it is no good if the house is freezing. When you come into the house now it is so lovely to not have to light a fire. We love the way our house looks now but the convenience and comfort have been the main benefits we have felt.”

To find out more about a deep retrofit for your home today, visit Superhomes.ie or call 052 744 30 90.