The Presley Chaise is upholstered in a moss green fabric.

Sofa trends for 2022 made 'EZ'

Are you looking to upgrade your living room with a fresh look and a trendy sofa for 2022? Staying ahead of the curve when it comes to furniture design is tricky, or at least it was until now. As Ireland’s leading furniture retailer - EZ Living Furniture, we wanted to share our knowledge with you at home. A sofa is an important item of furniture for a person’s living room because it’s where we spend a great deal of our time relaxing. Choosing a sofa that is modern and will see you through to 2022 and beyond is easy with our help. All that you need to do is focus on the upcoming popular colours for the New Year.

Vibrant and Earthy Tones

Earthy shades such as terracotta, rust, and burnt sienna are set to be the ground-breaking colours for this upcoming season. Vibrant and breathtaking, these tones will add warmth, richness, and sophistication to a living room in 2022. The Girona collection includes 3-seater sofas, 2-seater sofas, armchairs and footstools and every piece is upholstered in a luxurious rust-coloured velvet fabric.

Moody Colours

Cool shades such as the navy blue found on our Caoimhe Corner Chaise is bang on trend for 2022. The entire Caoimhe Collection features comfortable seating for the whole family and includes 2-seater sofas, 3-seater sofas, armchairs, and footstools. This cool blue differs from other shades of blue that have been popular in the past. Its understated beauty will bring the ultimate statement to a lacklustre living room in the coming year.

Raw Beauty

Natural, pared-back couches are where it’s at for 2022. Think light-grey or cream-coloured fabrics with clean lines and textured finishes. Our Boyne Collection boasts a contemporary design with comfortable seating making it particularly hard to compete with. Upholstered in a light-grey fabric, the 3-seater sofa (above) encapsulates everything that we know will be right on trend for 2022. The complete Boyne Collection features a 2-seater sofa, 3-seater sofa, corner chaise, armchair and footstools.

Nature Inspired

Green will continue to be a popular colour in 2022. All shades of green are set to be favoured because of their close association with the outdoors. Green is the true colour of nature, which is why we all crave its presence. Incorporating green into the home brings an element of calm, peace and tranquillity, and who would deny themselves of that? The Presley Chaise (above) is upholstered in a moss green fabric. The entire Presley Collection features a footstool, armchairs, 2-seater sofas, and 3-seater sofas.

Don’t forget that you can include these on-trend colours in your home in a variety of smaller ways too. Cushions, rugs, and stylish home accessories are the perfect way to implement a small pop of colour into a home without fully committing to it.

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