Revealed, Over €35 Million to be Saved Across Offaly by Switching Mortgage

Over 180,000 households nationwide stand to save over €15,000 each by switching their mortgage, also known as a remortgage. New analysis by the Irish personal finance website has broken down how much could be saved county by county.

Locally more than 2,900 switchers across Offaly will save over €11,900 each by switching with €35 Million of savings across the county.

Savings have reached record levels due to a combination of rising house prices and falling mortgage rates for switchers. With higher house prices mortgage holders now have lower loan to values and can get lower rates.

According to the latest data from the Central Bank of Ireland standard variable rate mortgage holders are on a mortgage rate of 3.48%, despite fixed rates of 2.2% being available from mortgage lenders such as Avant Money or less now being available.

Average Rate (APRC)*3 Yr4 Yr5 Yr7 Yr
Avant Money2.03%2.02%2.11%2.19%
ICS Mortgages2.78%2.99%
Finance Ireland3.03%3.17%
Haven Mortgages3.00%3.00%2.90%
AIB Mortgages2.72%2.77%2.68%2.88%
EBS Mortgages3.50%3.20%3.40%
Permanent TSB3.57%3.14%3.46%3.36%
Bank of Ireland3.70%3.30%3.6%

Even if you are currently on a fixed mortgage rate, with increasing rates forecast it may make sense to fix to a longer fixed rate. The good news is that rising rates also mean that a fixed rate mortgage breakage fee often no longer applies.

Commenting on the analysis Mark Coan, Managing Director of said “Our analysis highlights the massive opportunity people have to save by switching mortgage. Over a quarter of mortgage holders can save an average of €15,000 across their remaining term.”

“Mortgage switching is the single biggest thing most of us can do to get our finances in shape. If you aren’t on a tracker or fixed rate you should almost certainly switch.”

“As the cost of living crisis deepens, clawing back money lost through high interest payments can help lift the burden on households and inject money back into the local economy”

The best mortgage brokers offer switching for free and legal costs for switching your mortgage are usually half that for your original mortgage.

You can check out how much you would save using our mortgage repayment calculator, compare rates with our mortgage calculator Ireland or you can read more about how to switch your mortgage here.

County by County Breakdown