World Suicide Prevention Day 2022 – ‘Creating Hope Through Action

The theme for World Suicide Prevention Day for 2022 is ‘Creating Hope Through Action’. It is a time when we can spread a message of hope to others. Even though suicide is a very complex issue, we can always look out for those who might be experiencing suicidal thoughts and provide support. In this way, we can all contribute and play our part in creating a caring society in which those who may need support, feel comfortable in seeking help. The following are some actions that we can all do to create hope in our society: Increase your awareness If someone tells you that they are having thoughts of suicide, stay calm and don’t be afraid.

There are training programmes that can help prepare you so that you feel confident in having a conversation. Free suicide awareness and prevention programmes are available from the HSE - LivingWorks Start (90 mins online programme) or safeTALK (a half-day face to face programme). These can help you recognise people who might be at risk of suicide, give you the language to ask them about their suicidal thoughts and assist you in connecting them with helpful supports and services. Check out: or or contact your localResource Officer for Suicide Prevention (details below):

Reach in Reach in to someone you know who might be having difficulties. Find a comfortable space and time to sit and be present with them. Use open questions and tell them you care about them. You don’t need to have all the answers. If they share things with you, listen - stay calm, be patient and kind. Remember that bringing up the topic of suicide with someone will not make suicide more likely. It can be really helpful for a person to have a safe space to open up in, to know that they are being heard and that they are not alone at a difficult time.

Check out ‘Tips on being a good Listener’ and ‘What to say to someone going through a tough time’ on Be The Light for others and your community Connect with a support or community organisation. Volunteer, help spread their messages and become involved in activities that promote positive mental health and wellbeing or suicide prevention in your community.

Always be mindful of what people might be going through when talking about suicide – be sensitive. Be compassionate and respectful of the lives that have been lost and of those within your community who have been bereaved. Remember that people can and do get through times of crisis and that a positive message of recovery, can be protective and hopeful for others to hear. Know where to turn Get to know what mental health supports and services are available both locally and nationally and tell people about them.

Tell your family, your friends, your colleagues – you never know when someone might need support. Many are open 24/7 and contact can be made in different ways, on the telephone, by text message, online or face to face. See below for a list of all the available supports and services – emergency 24 hour services and ongoing supports. Remember if there are immediate concerns, your local GP should be contacted, or the GP Out of Hours Service.

The local Hospital Emergency Depts. are also there to provide support, assessments and whatever assistance is required. You can also call the HSE YourMentalHealth Information Line, anytime day or night, for information on what other services and supports are available near you – freephone 1800 111 888 or visit Reach out If you are feeling particularly low, sad or hopeless, always remember that sharing things with someone else will help.

Reaching out to talk with someone - someone close or even a support organisation - might initially feel frightening. Even if you can’t find the right words, when you take that first step and start to share and talk about what’s going on for you, things can become clearer and you will start to feel more hopeful. Check out ‘Talk about how you feel’ –

Resource Officer for Suicide Prevention contact details: Josephine Rigney Rosaleen Dolan Resource Officer for Suicide Prevention Resource Officer for Suicide Prevention Laois/Offaly and Longford/Westmeath Louth/Meath Email: Email: Mobile: 086 815 7850. Mobile:. 087 216 5846. WEBSITE: ‘Someone is always there to listen to you’