Pictured is Lough Boora.

All tickets allocated for RTÉ's Culture Night broadcast from Lough Boora

All tickets offered to Kilcormac residents as audience guests for an upcoming Culture Night special to be filmed at Lough Boora have already been allocated due to high demand.

RTÉ will host an exciting live television programme at Lough Boora later this month to mark Culture Night 2022. The national broadcaster offered a limited number of tickets to those who are connected with the bog in Kilcormac either through having worked there themselves or having been part of a family which worked on the bog for generations.

It's a celebration of bog and the important role it has played in preserving our heritage and the story of our past, and the part it plays in protecting the planet for the future.

The RTÉ Concert Orchestra, plus guests, will provide the music and entertainment at Lough Boora for the live programme with other events from across the country also being highlighted.

In celebrating the bog, and particularly Lough Boora, RTE is inviting members of local communities to be audience guests on the evening. The numbers are limited by the size of the venue.

The Kilcormac Development Association had to close submissions for tickets on Wednesday as there was such a huge demand. Unfortunately not everyone that applied was successful in securing tickets as hey had to operate a first come first serve basis. All tickets have been allocated at this point.

The programme will be broadcast on RTÉ One on Friday, September 23 from 7pm to 8pm.