Stock image of river water.

Riverside walk in Birr set to be upgraded

An upgraded almost one kilometre walk along the banks of the Camcor River in Birr is to be developed by Offaly County Council.

The council is currently seeking consultants to design, tender, award, and manage the construction of what is being called the Riverside Walk Upgrade Works Project.

It is proposed to upgrade the walk running along the Camcor River, and install new paths providing a safe link along and across Newbridge Street, across the N52 (Wilmer Road/Railway Road) continuing along the river bank and terminating on Moorpark Street.

The project will involve the provision of traffic lights and a pedestrian crossing of Newbridge Street and the reduction of the road width to one lane across the bridge to provide a wider path across the bridge on one side. Upgrading and widening, where possible, of existing footpaths and the installation of new tarmacadam footpaths along the riverside walk is also envisaged.

The project will also involve the reinforcing of a current 50-metre section which is subsiding. Public lighting is to be added along the route where required, to increase safety. There is also a new pedestrian crossing at Wilmer Road/Railway Road planned.

The council said the 910m pedestrian route provides a safe link between large residential areas and housing estates in the area and various amenities and facilities within Birr, including primary schools, leisure centre, swimming pool, rugby club, church, shops, library, GAA grounds, technology centre and a park.

The work is expected to take from nine months to a year. With preliminary design expected to get underway in the final quarter of this year, it is envisaged that the project could be completed by the end of 2023.