Maya Rizvi (7), Vet and Operation TransPAWmation ambassador, Dr. Bobby Ortiz, Champion Dog Trainer and expert in pet behavioural training, Samantha Rawson, Rachel Cozma, Max Tobin (6), with Diva (aged 4,) and Badger (aged 3,) both collie crosses.

Petmania Tullamore share Offaly’s best dog walking routes

Local pet-care experts, Petmania Tullamore, are sharing their top five favourite dog-walking routes in Offaly to encourage pet-parents to get active as part of the Operation TransPAWmation campaign.

In the midst of their Operation TransPAWmation campaign, they are encouraging Offaly pet-owners to take the next step when it comes to their pet’s health and get walking.

Offaly’s top five dog-walking routes are: 1 - Kinnitty Castle Loop, 2 - Tullamore Town Park, 3 - Glinsk Castle Loop, 4 - Croghan Hill, 5 - Charleville Castle and Tullamore Loop

The Operation TransPAWmation campaign aims to highlight small but effective changes that pet-parents can make that can have a big impact on their pet’s life. Exercise is important in ensuring a healthier lifestyle as it manages the risk of obesity and related disease and improves pet’s mental and behavioural wellbeing.

Champion Dog Trainer and expert in pet behaviour training, Samantha Rawson, said: :“Dogs get much of their information from their sense of smell. An exploratory walk where the dog can use its nose can be the equivalent of reading a good book for your dog. A walk is also a fantastic opportunity to have some fun with your pet, playing hide and seek can be a great way to tire your dog out mentally as well as physically, and the whole family can get involved.”

By taking a more proactive approach to a pet’s exercise regime, pet-parents can transform a pet’s quality of life.