The Malaga range is avaiable at EZ Living Furniture.

Garden furniture you need for 2023 - EZ Living Furniture

Summer is fast approaching, which means it’s time to start thinking about your garden and the furniture you’ll need to enjoy it to the fullest. It just so happens that EZ Living Furniture is currently promoting its Garden Sale, so you can pick up the items you want for even less than usual. This year, we have an even larger collection to choose from. This includes egg chairs, garden sets, parasols, bistro sets, and much much more. With an even greater number of styles, sizes, and shapes available, you will surely find something to suit a small balcony, a large outdoor space, and even a tiny porch.

EZ Living Furniture has put together this comprehensive guide to help you easily decide on the best and most appropriate pieces of garden furniture for your outdoor space.

Large Garden Sets

Large garden sets provide ample seating for family and friends.

Typically, it will feature a large dining table and multiple chairs or a large sofa or two. These sets are perfect for individuals that host frequent get-togethers. Quite frankly, they never go out of style.

Pick a standard rectangular set, a corner set, a set with an ice bucket centre, or a fire pit table alternative to really heat things up!

Choose from the Oxford, Ibiza, Bundoran, Castlerock, Howth, Milano, Alicante, Malaga, or Lisbon ranges at EZ Living Furniture.

Bistro Sets

A bistro set usually consists of two chairs and a small, accompanying table.

These sets are more suitable for smaller areas such as a limited-capacity outdoor space, a small porch, or a compact balcony. Because of their size, a bistro set can appear extremely versatile.

Choose from the Courtyard or Menorca ranges at EZ Living Furniture.

Egg Chairs

Egg chairs are relatively small in stature and can be used both indoors and outdoors. With so many uses, it’s hard to justify not bringing one of these comfy chairs into your garden, patio, balcony, or living room.

Choose from the Bistro, Fiji, Bali, or Kinvara ranges at EZ Living Furniture.

Cube Sets

A cube set is one of the larger garden sets and again, is most suitable for those big outdoor areas. However, because of the way these sets have been created, they can easily fold into one another, which ultimately saves on space.

Choose the Milano range at EZ Living Furniture.

EZ Living Furniture is definitely the go-to place for your garden furniture this year. Browse its extensive selection in-store or online now. Visit here to view them all.