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Major Rhode housing plan signalled

Plans for a potential 69-house development in Rhode have been flagged.

A planning notice was recently published for the plan for a site at Edenderry Road, Laurencetown, Rhode.

The proposed applicant, Patrick Muldoon, has indicated his intention to submit a planning application for the demolition of existing single storey house to facilitate access to the proposed development from the R400.

He is also planning to seek permission for 69 houses consisting of six detached three- bed single storey type houses; four detached three-bed single storey type houses; five detached two-bed single storey type houses; three three-bed dormer type houses; 20 semi-detached three-bedroom two-storey type houses; 17 semi-detached four-bedroom two storey type houses; three semi-detached three-bedroom two-storey dual-aspect type houses; seven semi-detached two-bedroom two-storey type houses and four one-bedroom maisonettes type houses. Planning permission is also to be sought for pedestrian access to the adjoining community playground and public car park.