New solar farm plan spread over 80 hectares

Another major solar farm is being proposed for Offaly.

Offaly Solar Energy AS Ltd has signalled its intention to seek planning permission for the development within the towlands of Lumcloon and Falsk, Gallen, Co. Offaly.

The project will consist of the installation of a solar photovoltaic farm including a battery energy storage system consisting of 48 units and the provision of a bridge crossing the Silver River.

It's understood the solar farm will comprise over 1114,000 solar panels on lands of some 87.9 hectares.

The land is spread over 18 fields, several of which have been reclaimed from peatlands.

The site is predominantly within the townlands of Lumcloon, with two of the fields in the Falsk towlands.

The land is some six kilometres east of Cloghan and five kilometres south east of Ferbane.

A series of solar photovoltaic panels are to be mounted on steel support structures to a height not greater than three metres.

Also proposed are 19 transformers, some pole-mounted CCTV cameras and deer fencing.

The planning permission will have a duration of ten years, with a subsequent operational lifespan of 40 plus years.