Jack Ryan, winner of the Neville 10-mile race, with Vin Neville and Rita Daly, brother and sister of the late Mick Neville.

Jack Ryan the winner of annual Neville 10 mile race

Congratulations to Jack Ryan who was the winner of the Neville 10-mile race. The annual club race is dedicated to Mick Neville, who is generally described as a “legend” when his name is mentioned.

Mick was born in 1940 in Lynally, just outside Tullamore, and passed away last year at the age of 81. Mick had his first introduction to athletics in the early 1950s and joined Tullamore Harriers in that year.

During his time with Tullamore Harriers, he made a significant impact on the sport of athletics, particularly in endurance running, excelling in a wide range of distances earning national titles and setting records along the way.

Mick was a remarkably talented athlete who preferred to keep a low profile and avoid the spotlight despite his remarkable achievements in athletics. Club Chairman Adrian Curley welcomed Mick’s sister Rita Daly, brother Vin Neville, nephew Greg Neville and niece Frances Neville to the race.

Club members Rita and Mary Daly, who are also nieces of Mick’s, and his good friend Mick Hayden were also present for the race. Mick Hayden was a frequent training companion of Mick Neville and he remembers those times with great fondness, particularly their regular after work runs home from Bord na Mona in Boora to Tullamore!

The Neville 10-mile race is a handicapped race where the runners are given a start time according to their given handicap. Joe Wrafter, club handicapper, set the first runner off at 9am with the remaining 32 athletes following afterwards. The 10-mile race started on the tarmac track in the club grounds, and then headed out the Charleville Road, through Mucklagh village, turning at Kilsaran and back to town by the bypass. The race finishes again on the tarmac track.

Jack was the first man across the line with Diarmuid Herlihy 2nd, Michelle Mullaney 3rd, Sorcha Galvin 4th, Alan Heffernan 5th and Padraig Berry 6th. The fastest lady was Pauline Curley and Eimhin Kenny clocked the fastest men’s time. Well done to all who competed in the Neville 10 and thanks to all the officials, time keepers and everyone involved.

Full results: Jack Ryan 1:49:16 (clock time), 29:50 (handicap), 1:19:26 (actual time) - winner. Diarmuid Herlihy 1:51:57, 40:50, 1:11:07 - 2nd finisher. Michelle Mullaney 1:52:30, 37:10, 1:15:20 - 3rd finisher. Sorcha Galvin 1:52:47, 31:45, 1:21:02 - 4th finisher. Alan Heffernan 1:53:15, 43:45, 1:09:30 - 5th finisher. Padraig Berry 1:53:36, 51:10, 1:02:26 - 6th finisher. Liam Dunne 1:53:55, 43:45, 1:10:10. Elysia McCormack 1:54:04, 36:20 1:17:44. Harry Flynn 1:55:05 51:30, 1:03:35. Una Mullen 1:55:11 00:36:20 01:18:51. Mary Galvin 01:55:18, 28:15, 1:27:03. Daniel Molloy 1:55:43, 45:30, 1:10:13. Evelyn Herlihy 1:56:08, 43:10 1:12:58. Pauline Curley 1:56:15, 48:55 1:07:20 - fastest lady. Sean Reynolds 1:56:19, 45:30, 1:10:49. Lorcan Scally 1:56:57, 40:30, 1:16:27. Darren Reynolds 1:57:01, 53:20, 1:03:41. Brendan Kelly 1:57:02, 42:40, 1:14:22. Shane McGuinness 1:57:02, 44:50, 1:12:12. Jason McDermott 1:57:03, 42:40, 1:14:23. Eimhin Kenny 1:57:16, 56:00, 1:01:16 - fastest man. Paschal Naughton 1:57:40, 26:10, 1:31:30. John Lowry 1:57:59, 43:45, 1:14:14. Nita McLoughlin 1:58:16, 40:50, 1:17:26. Hilary Duncan 2:00:24, 26:10, 1:34:14. Darren Butler 2:01:01, 46:30, 1:14:31. Liam Byrne 2:01:22, 48:05, 1:13:17. Bernard Doheny 2:02:18, 2:02:18. Shane Origan 2:04:52, 51:10, 1:13:42.