Health insurance body says those who don't switch policy may be overpaying

The Health Insurance Authority (HIA) is offering free health insurance comparisons at the National Ploughing Championships this week in order to encourage consumers to review their health insurance plan.

The HIA advises consumers to review their plan each year at their renewal date to ensure that their policy fits their current health needs and budget. Research carried out on its behalf showed that some 61% of people had never switched their plan.

Due to a number of price increases in the health insurance market this year, it is more important than ever for consumers to shop around.

To help consumers to see if they should consider switching, the HIA is offering consumers free in-person health insurance comparisons at its stand in the Government of Ireland Village at the Ploughing Championships.

"With the cost of living rising- groceries, back to school, interest rate rises, and the Budget on the way before Christmas, if you are due to renew your health insurance, it could be a good time to review if you’re on the best plan for you," said Christina Prendergast, Head of Communications at the HIA.

With 338 health insurance plans on the market, consumers can feel overwhelmed by the number of options and are often reluctant to switch plans.

According to the HIA's 2021 consumer survey, the majority of people with health insurance (61%) have never switched, and of those who have switched, over half (56%) have only done so once.

There has been a significant increase in the perception of it being difficult to switch among those who have chosen not to switch health insurance, but consumers can visit or call the HIA helpline for free impartial information on choosing a health insurance plan that suits their budget and needs.