Tolü Makay being interviewed by Joe Duffy on RTE's 'The Meaning of Life'

Offaly singer Tolü appears on RTE show 'The Meaning of Life'

Tolü Makay, the talented Nigerian-born singer from Tullamore, shared her thoughts on 'the meaning of life' when she was interviewed by Joe Duffy on the RTÉ One show of the same name on Sunday evening.

In the episode, which is available for viewing on the RTE Player, Tolü spoke about her acclaimed rendition of the Saw Doctors' song N17, which helped launch her stellar career.

She talked candidly about the undercurrents of thinly veiled racism she faced growing up in Ireland and about how an emotional burn-out was her turning point for embracing music as a career.

Having been raised in the intense culture of an African Pentecostal Church, she revealed that she now no longer calls herself a Christian, having studied psychology and philosophy in college.

She said that now the emphasis in her personal search for meaning and fulfilment was on writing and performing music, and on contemporary psychology.

On social media, Tolü wrote that she hoped the episode would "give further insight to me as a person, my inspirations and my ever-changing beliefs."

A number of viewers took to the X platform (formerly Twitter) to share positive feedback on Tolü's episode of The Meaning of Life: