The Water Treatment Centre is located in Axis Business Park, Tullamore. Photo: Ger Rogers.

Tackling limescale damage with The Water Treatment Centre

Imagine a home without water. Could it function? From simple drinks of water to keep our bodies hydrated, to washing dishes or having relaxing showers, flushing toilets or simply cleaning the house, we rely heavily on the water in our home. Surely then, we deserve good quality water, right?

With the demand for water systems to improve a range of problems experienced by homeowners across the Midlands, the services provided by a local company, The Water Treatment Centre has become an essential service and one heavily relied upon by households to improve the quality of water.

The family-owned business provides free water test kits and offers a free online water analysis along with payment plans.

They also sell water softeners to remove limescale, water filters, UV systems and filter taps.

People invest in water softeners because they save money and provide luxurious clean, soft water for baths and showers, and they help skin conditions. Water softeners have been proven by independent reviews to save over €500 per year in an average household. The Water Quality Association have conducted independent studies/reviews in 2010 and proven softeners to be one of the “best energy saving devices”.

Many people have concerns about contaminants such as lead, aluminium and fluoride in water and install water filters as an alternative.

The Water Treatment Centre's range of filters guarantee to remove these contaminants. They protect your home from limescale damage and reduce energy and cleaning bills by removing limescale from water using appliances.