StreamBIRR is one of Offaly's remote working hubs.

The advantages of using a remote working hub

The way we work has seen a remarkable transformation in recent years, with remote working becoming a cornerstone of the modern work environment. The concept of remote working hubs has emerged as an innovative solution, combining the benefits of remote work with a structured and communal environment.

Remote working hubs such as The Junction, Tullamore, go beyond just offering a workspace. These hubs provide a professional office environment equipped with the necessary infrastructure and amenities to optimise productivity.

Crucially, they allow employees to work closer to home while still maintaining the boundaries between their personal and professional lives. The hubs serve as vibrant centres for remote workers, fostering a sense of community and collaboration. There are several throughout Offaly such as The Junction, eHive in Edenderry, and StreamBIRR.

The Offaly Innovation and Design GLG oversees several remote working hubs offering affordable and comfortable office spaces tailored to start-ups, entrepreneurs, and individuals choosing to work in proximity to their homes.

These hubs provide essential resources like high-speed internet access, meeting rooms, and opportunities for learning and networking.

Collaborative efforts with local entities such as the Offaly Local Enterprise Office and TUS further enhance the hubs' contributions to the community.

The Junction, Tullamore is home to a community of professionals and creatives with a lively vibe that’s perfect for remote workers, entrepreneurs, and start-ups. The hub offers a contemporary, professional, and friendly co-working space with modern office facilities and high-speed broadband.

Remote working hubs offer the best of both worlds, structure and sociability on one hand, and independence and flexibility on the other.