Hogan pens song on Ryan’s Hardware Store

For five decades Johnny Ryan’s Hardware Store was an integral part of Tyrrellspass.

When Johnny decided to call it a day, the Croghan based singer songwriter John Hogan felt that he could not let the occasion pass without writing a song as a tribute to one of the most respected residents of Tyrrellspass.

John sat down and in a matter of hours penned a song titled ‘Johnny’s Hardware Store’. The lyrics paint a picture that make it easy to visualise what the shop was like, and it has brought back memories to many people who frequented shops like Johnny Ryan’s.

Such was the reaction to the song from the people of Tyrrellspass that John Hogan has now decided to release it as his new single.

The track was originally brought out on CD as a fundraiser for the St Anne’s NS, Tyrrellspass building fund.

Now that he has scaled down his live performances, John has been spending more time writing new songs, some of which will be featured tracks on his forthcoming album. Heading into his 37th year in the music business, John expressed his thanks to all the radio presenters and DJs far and wide who have been playing his music and he hopes you will continue to do so in the years to come.

The song will be available for download on all digital platforms.