The exterior of Paddy Flynn’s pub in Cloghan which officially opens its doors to the public this weekend.

New pub set to open in Cloghan

With over 100 rural pubs having closed their doors permanently last year alone, the picturesque rural village of Cloghan is bucking that trend with the opening of Paddy Flynn's pub this weekend.

Not only that, but the new venture is preserving a very important link with bygone days as Paddy Flynn was the village postman in Cloghan for many years and the man behind the business is actually his eldest grandson!

Although natives of Cloghan, the new owners are living in the United States, and huge numbers of visitors from the US have travelled to Cloghan to attend the official opening of Paddy Flynn's pub on Sunday next, St. Patrick's Day, with a 'soft opening' taking place later today (Friday).

A team of writers from World Travel Magazine, which is one of the longest-established and most prestigious travel journals, will also travel to Cloghan over the weekend to compile a feature on the exciting new venture for the village.

Two full-time and up to eight part-time local jobs will be created in Paddy Flynn's pub, which will provide a welcome local employment boost, and the huge refurbishment of the venue since it was purchased by its new owners in July of last year was all carried out by local tradesmen.

It is envisaged that Paddy Flynn's pub will become a hub for community events and gatherings in Cloghan, and will also provide a space for family, friends and neighbours to come together and socialise, with teas, coffees and scones also being served on the premises.

Like many rural towns and villages, Cloghan has battled for a number of years against the rising tide of rural isolation, and the opening of a new licenced premises in the village is being warmly welcomed by the local community.

On a weekend of many firsts for west Offaly, Paddy Flynn's pub will have a float this year in the Banagher St Patrick's Day parade, and they have an exciting line-up of music in the new pub right throughout the Bank Holiday weekend.

At one stage Cloghan village had five pubs, but there has been a notable absence of a community hub in the area over the past few years, so the opening of Paddy Flynn's pub is being seen as hugely positive for the entire locality.