Staff and owners of Kode and Guy Clothing, Tullamore handing over the cheque for over €7,600 to members of the Murphy family.

Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund pays tribute to generosity of two local businesses

The Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund has extended a heartfelt thanks to Kara and Anthony Kearns, their daughter Lucy, as well as the wonderful friendly and helpful staff of Kode and Guy Clothing, Tullamore for their support of the Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund.

The local businesses recently handed over a cheque for over €7,622.48 to the fund, set up by the family of Ashling Murphy in her memory.

The funds came on foot of 'The Show' event organised by KODE Clothing & Footwear and Guy Clothing in aid of two local charities, The Ashling Murphy Memorial Fund and Accessible Counselling Tullamore, in November 2022.

On the night, a phenomenal total of €15,244.96 was raised which has been split between the two charities.

“We sincerely thank the Kearns family for their support, generosity and kindness in remembering Ashling and supporting the memorial fund - A fantastic family who bring positivity and a sense of community to Tullamore through their shops located on Patrick Street and High Street,” a post on social media said today.

“We will be sure the funds raised will go directly to continuing Ashling’s strong legacy by enhancing areas within the traditional Irish arts, culture and heritage.

“We further thank all involved in the organising of the event, all who supported it in any way and to those who attended making 'The Show' a huge success.

If you wish to undertake a fundraiser in memory of Ashling, we would love to hear from you! Please visit our iDonate page here for further information. Alternatively drop us a private message or email