Kilbeggan-born singer John Hogan.

Local singer releases new single despite semi-retirement

Despite being semi-retired, Kilbeggan-born singer John Hogan has released a new single, covering the song 'Our Love’ by Ricky Van Shelton. He has been in the music business for over 37 years.

John still has a deep passion for performing and recording and is in constant demand doing guest spots on various shows around the country. He has a love for the theatre and concert scene and likes the idea of performing in front of an appreciative seated audience.

His new single release ‘Our Love’ is a great take on the Ricky Van Shelton song. It’s a fusion of tradition and modern sounds with a hint of Cajun. A great lively sing-along number it's sure to prove popular with radio listeners and dancers alike. It was recorded and produced by Jonathan Owens in Spout Studios, Longford.

The Croghan based singer/songwriter has developed a reputation as a gifted and sincere performer thanks to his capacity to engage his listeners through his music. Although very much into old style classic country, John is also eager to experiment with different songs that appeal to him. With his very distinctive voice he has effectively established a space for himself in the contemporary country genre.

Through a devoted fan base on social media John's music is defined by a blend of traditional country and contemporary elements.

John would like to express his sincere thanks to all the radio presenters and DJ's far and wide who have been playing his music and hopes they will continue to do so for years to come.