Christopher Ward, St. Brendan's Community School, Birr, with his painting 'Horse and Foal' which is being displayed as part of the 'To Be Seen and Feel Heard' exhibition in Athlone's Luan Gallery.

Art created by Birr secondary students goes on display at gallery exhibition

An exhibition of art created by a group of inspiring young students from St Brendan's Community School in Birr and Roscommon Community College is currently on display in Athlone's Luan Gallery.

The multimedia exhibition, entitled To Be Seen and Feel Heard, was supported by the TUS Midlands Access office, TUS Midlands Media and Design, and Foroige Roscommon.

To be Seen and Feel Heard, which explores themes of identity, personal narrative, and memory, opened on Thursday last, April 11, and will remain on display until Thursday of this week, April 18.

Rhiannon Treacy, St Brendan's Community School, and Aoife Banks, Curator, Luan Gallery.

The Luan Gallery said the exhibition provided insight into students' personal narratives, experiences, and memories.

"Through exploring the themes of identity and belonging, students navigated and visually represented their place in the world, reflecting retrospectively on generations past.

"Shaped by the many layers of their identities, students grappled with the entanglement of finding their place in today’s society and feeling that they belong, hence using the past as a catalyst for meaningful change," the gallery stated.

Alex Doyle of St Brendan's Community School, Birr, with the artwork, 'Wagon with Horse and Figures'.

The participating students were supported by a dedicated artist and educator, Francesca Hutchinson, who facilitated a safe space for these young people to embrace and express what is important to them growing up in today’s society, and translate this sense of identity through visual art.

Alongside the artwork displayed on the walls there were audio-visual pieces showcasing a compilation and overview of the phenomenal musicality, talent, and enthusiasm of a group of 21 Roma young people aged 13 – 22 years old.

Participating students from Roscommon Community College at the exhibition in Athlone.

Exhibiting artists and featuring talents in the To be Seen and Feel Heard exhibition were: Rihanna Hutchinson, Abbie Hutchinson, Rhiannon Treacy, Margaret Mc Carthy, Jake Ward, Christopher Ward, Paddy Kiely, Michael Mc Donagh, Paddy Doyle, Michael Burns, Darren Keenan, Alex Doyle and Santio Touhey, Ladislav Dzruik, Fabian Dzurik, Marek Cervenak, Kevin Horvath, Fabian Kompus, Sofia Zigova, Vanessa Zigova, Adrianna Matikova, Katrina Zigova, Monika Dzruikova, Ivana Hudakova, Dominik Horvath, Martina Hudakova, Martina Sidelkova, Anton Hudak, Adrian Matik, Fabian Matik, Radoslav Horvath, Eduardo Klempar, Sara Janova, David Turtak and Vanessa Dunova.

More information on the exhibition and upcoming events in the Luan Gallery can be found on its website here.