A thumbs up from Sinn Fein's Sean Maher as he celebrates his election to Offaly County Council at the Offaly Count Centre in Mucklagh this evening.

Fianna Fail and Sinn Fein take final two Council seats

After a marathon count spanning four days and over 54 hours, the race to fill the 19 seats on Offaly County Council has finally come to an end with the election of Fianna Fail's Audrey Hennessy Kennedy and Sinn Fein's Sean Maher to fill the two remaining seats in the Birr area, with outgoing Social Democrats Cllr, Clare Claffey, losing out.

Returning Officer, Monica Cleary, said a full recount of votes had been carried out and four errors had been discovered. However, she said these errors had not "materially affected the outcome" of the count, so she announced the results of the 12th count, with both successful candidates being elected without reaching the quota of 1,712 votes.

Audrey Hennessy Kennedy is hoisted aloft by her husband, Pete, while surrounded by family members and supporters as she celebrates her election to Offaly County Council

Audrey Hennessy Kennedy secured 1,573 votes for Fianna Fail and was elected to fill the fifth seat, while the final seat went to Sinn Fein's Sean Maher, with 1,282 seat.

Outgoing Social Democrats Cllr, Clare Claffey, was eliminated as she was the lowest placed of the three remaining candidates. Her final vote of 1,256 votes was a mere 26 votes behind Sean Maher.