Linda Lynch and members of her family, pictured with Edenderry Community First Responders, Offaly Fire & Rescue, National Ambulance and HEMS – most of the crews that were involved on the day

Edenderry community celebrates life-saving efforts

Edenderry Community First Responders had the great honour and privilege of hosting an evening to celebrate a community's extraordinary effort to save one of their own.

In October 2023, Linda Lynch suffered a sudden cardiac arrest. Thanks to the swift action of her 12-year-old daughter, Hanna, who promptly recognised the emergency and called 999 within seconds, every available resource was deployed by the National Emergency Operations Centre. This early recognition gave Linda the best chance of survival.

Amanda Ross, NAS Community Engagement Officer, presenting a cert from the National Ambulance Service to Linda’s daughter, Hanna, for her life saving actions

Linda's two daughters, her brother, a local dance teacher, and other community members initiated CPR almost immediately.

They were assisted by an off-duty trainee paramedic, members of Edenderry Community First Responders, Offaly Fire & Rescue, National Ambulance Service and Helicopter Emergency Medical Service. Linda received early defibrillation and excellent post-ROSC (return of spontaneous circulation) care, which were crucial to her recovery.

It was an emotional and proud evening for everyone involved. It's not often one gets to be part of a life-saving event, and Linda's courage in taking the time to express her gratitude left all participants deeply moved. Linda said: “I am taken aback and overwhelmed by this evening; I didn't realise so many people were there or had helped me on that day. I'm so grateful to all of you”

During the event, the National Ambulance Service presented certificates to Linda's two daughters, her brother, and the local dance teacher. Their quick actions were critical and possibly life-saving. Edenderry CFR also presented Linda, her husband, and her two daughters with small gifts to commemorate the day.

In a generous gesture through the Forward Hearts program, facilitated by CE-TEK Medical, Linda donated an AED to Edenderry CFR, further strengthening the chain of survival in our community.

Linda’s recovery to date has been remarkable. Chairman of Edenderry CFR, Colm Lally, said: “On behalf of Edenderry CFR and all the emergency services, we wish Linda and her family many years of health and happiness”

If you want to learn the basics of how to respond in an emergency situation, Edenderry CFR offer a free, one-hour training session. For more information, please contact them at

It has never been more evident that it takes a community to save a life.

Colm Lally and David O'Malley accepting the donation of the AED from Linda
John Paul Brennan, Offaly Fire & Rescue, expressing how honoured they were to be part of the successful rescue