Offaly artist, Ann Mitchell

Offaly artist to stage joint exhibition in Tullamore

Offaly artist, Ann Mitchell, will collaborate with Spanish-born Enrique Lazzaro for a special joint art exhibition at Urban Oasis Chocolate Brown in Tullamore in September.

This exhibition will feature the beautiful dream-like portraits of Ann Mitchell, and the vibrant powerful, evocative art of Enrique Lazzaro in a celebration of resilience and beauty.

Ann Mitchell, who trades under the name AnnieMae Art, is the daughter of Niall (who was the former lock-keeper in Rahan) and the late Bridie Mitchell from Gallen in Ferbane and comes from a very creative family. Her sister, Caroline, is a million-selling author and another sister, Louise, works as a landscape artist.

Ann's art journey began as a personal exploration, leading her to develop a unique style. Known for her ethereal, dream-like portraits, she delves into deep human emotions and the subconscious mind, inviting audiences to look inward.

Ann's meticulous layering of materials, including collage, pen, ink, and gold leaf, enhances the narrative of her subjects, creating a tactile, emotionally charged depth. Her portraits of women in moments of introspection and strength invite viewers into a deeply personal encounter, celebrating life’s beauty and scars.

Barcelona-born artist, Enrique Lazzaro.

Enrique Lazzaro, a self-taught artist and sculptor, was born in Barcelona and began drawing at the age of three, guided by his father who introduced him to the works of Picasso, Cézanne, and Velázquez.

After moving to Ireland he discovered the Irish painter Jack Butler Yeats, whose influence he studied deeply, blending it with his understanding of other masters to create his unique style.

His work is known for its strength and intensity, and he has showcased his collections across Europe, from Barcelona to Wexford.

Their unique collaborative art exhibition, The Female Gaze, opens at the Urban Oasis, Chocolate Brown, 44. Church Street in Tullamore on September 6 at 6.30pm and runs until October 5.