Nothing septic about Cloghan Youtuber’s earnings

Thursday, 6th December, 2018 3:15pm

Nothing septic about Cloghan Youtuber’s earnings

YouTube star Sean McLoughlin, aka Jacksepticeye. (Pic: Instagram)

Cloghan native and YouTube sensation Sean McLoughlin, who's better known to his fans as Jack Septic Eye, earned a whopping €14m between the start of June 2017 and the end of May 2018.

That's according to Forbes, which ranks the Brighton-based twenty eight year old as the eighth highest earning Youtube star in the world.

McLoughlin started posted videos on Youtube for fun in 2012. He currently has almost 21 million subscribers and his lively and colourful videos, most of which involve him playing and commentating on video games, have been viewed 10 billion times.

In their profile of him, Forbes described McLoughlin as “foulmouthed and energetic”. “Sean McLoughlin is the most popular YouTuber in Ireland thanks to his colorful video-game commentary.

"A few bad words haven’t kept him from going mainstream: He did a series for Disney and is developing exclusive content for live-streaming platform Twitch."

McLoughlin says that his colourful use of language, has helped gain him his millions of followers. “The more you swear, the better. People react very positively to that apparently," he said. "I do get a lot of complaints from parents who say I swear too much. I'm not kid-friendly, which I never said I was from the beginning."

On last year's RTE 2 Show Ireland's Rich List, McLoughlin's wealth was estimated at €2.5m.

Youtube stars earn a significant portion of their income from advertising revenue, as well merchandise sales and product placements.

In October McLoughlin launched a clothing line, Cloak, with friend and fellow Youtube star Mark Fischbach, who is sixth on the Forbes list. He also recently finished a highly successful tour of concert venues in Europe and North America.

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