Tullamore woodworkers create bat boxes

Thursday, 4th July, 2019 3:47pm

Tullamore woodworkers create bat boxes

Woodcarvers Tullamore Community Training Centre at work

Tullamore Community Training Centre have designed Bat Boxes for Charleville Castle.

As part of the woodcraft program, learners in the centre have been busy making bat boxes that will be erected on the trees in the grounds of Charleville Castle.  The project was set up in conjunction with our community links and not only has it improved the learners woodcraft skills but has also enhanced their appreciation of bats. These boxes will now help to improve the conservation status of these protected species.

Woodcraft tutor Cathal McNicholas explains the design of the boxes: “The bat box is constructed from marine plywood which should last for many years. They have a narrow opening at the bottom and the bat lands and crawls up into the draught-free chamber. The top of the box can also be taken off so that you can look inside”.

The project was used as a great educational tool and is just one of the many woodcraft projects made in the centre.

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