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Published: Thursday, 19th June, 2014 3:44pm

New political party to meet in Tullamore

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A new political party formed in Tullamore is to hold its national meeting in the Central Hotel in Tullamore tomorrow (Saturday).

Founder member of the Irish Democratic Party and Tullamore native Ken Smollen told the Offaly Independent the new party is concerned with the path Ireland has taken and is in favour of a complete overhaul of the political system sooner rather than later.

The Irish Democratic Party believes a system of participatory democracy is the way forward for Ireland, with those elected required to consult their electorate and vote in accordance with their wishes or be sacked. This would ensure accountability all of the time, according to the new party, and would leave no need for the current whip system.

Items on the party’s strategy for change include an immediate stop to repossessions and evictions from family homes, a full independent banking inquiry, reform of both local and central government, the immediate removal of flouride from the water supply, a commission to determine the benefits or otherwise of alternative energy, the abolition of property tax and a referendum on EU membership and the euro.

Tomorrow’s meeting will take place from noon, and all are welcome. More information is available on the party’s Facebook page.

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