The pedestrian lights at the crossing on Francis Street, Edenderry.

Pedestrian lights go live on busy Edenderry street after lengthy wait

An Edenderry councillor has expressed his relief after long-awaited lights at a pedestrian crossing on Francis Street in the town were finally switched on.

Cllr Noel Cribbin said the works at the crossing was carried out last summer, but there then followed a wait of several months for the lights to be activated.

"Thankfully there was no incidents in the meantime," said Cllr Cribbin. "From now on the many pedestrians, and particularly the many schoolchildren from nearby Patrick's Wood, who cross this busy street daily will have a safe way to cross."

He also felt the pedestrian lights would act as a traffic calming influence and would "help to slow speeding motorists on this busy street".

"I thank the local engineer for following up on this important issue on my behalf, and to Offaly County Council for agreeing to my requests for this project to be delivered and completed," said the Fine Gael councillor.