Air Fryer Focaccia Bread

- Recipe by Adrian Martin -


For the bread mix

600g of Odlums strong flour plus extra for dusting

One sachet of yeast

Two pinches of salt

Two pinches of sugar

400ml of lukewarm water

To serve

Fresh thyme chopped

Fresh chives chopped

Two bulbs of garlic pealed

Good quality olive oil



Start in your stand mixer bowl with all the dry ingredients of the bread mix. Then add in the water and mix well with the dough hook attachment in your stand mixer for 10 minutes.

Once nicely kneaded, roll the dough in some olive oil and cover with cling film and leave to prove for an hour. Once proved and doubled in size, knock back the dough by knocking all the air out. Split the dough in half and oil your air fryer tins.

Place the dough into the two separate tins, move it around the olive oil and then with your fingertips push it flat into the tins. Cover with a tea towel for a further 30 minutes to prove. Now cut the confit garlic in half and stuff it into each focaccia with a good sprinkling of the herbs. Season with sea salt and then bake in your air fryer at 210C for 10 minutes and then 160C for a further 10-15 minutes. Drizzle with some honey to finish and enjoy.


Adrian Martin from Bawnboy is a regular on our TV screens and an ambassador for Odlums.

He runs the Mayflower restaurants in Dublin and Camden, London.


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