Tullamore boxer Gráinne Walsh speaking on 'Off The Ball AM' this morning.

WATCH: Offaly boxer feels Katie Taylor 'may have over-trained' for Cameron fight

Offaly boxer Gráinne Walsh gave her thoughts this morning on Katie Taylor's defeat to Chantelle Cameron at the 3 Arena in Dublin last Saturday night.

The Tullamore woman, who is the current National Elite champion at 66kg, was speaking to Off The Ball from Poland, where she will be boxing tomorrow.

She said that Katie Taylor has been a trailblazer for all women involved in the sport. "We have so much to thank her for. I wouldn't be here in Poland if it wasn't for what Katie did," she said.

However, she felt the Bray woman was second best on Saturday night as she moved up in weight to challenge the undefeated Cameron.

"Everyone kind of thought Katie would snatch the early rounds and Chantelle Cameron would come on stronger in the late rounds, but I think Katie may have been trying to save some energy for the later rounds," said Gráinne.

"Only Katie and her team know what the tactics were. I just felt she looked a little bit over-trained, if anything. She didn't have that up-on-the-toes, in-and-out sharpness that we've seen previously."

The local woman added that the clash in styles between Taylor and Cameron made the English woman's naturally heavier weight an event bigger factor.

"If (Cameron) was a counter puncher, and on the back foot, (the weight difference) wouldn't have been as evident, but because Chantelle was stitting on Katie's chest for the entire time, and never took a step back, she would have felt every bit of that weight difference. I think that was a defining factor in that regard.

"It was ten rounds and, at the end, Chantelle looked like she could have done a few more. With their styles, it was just the wrong kind of match (for Katie Taylor)."

You can watch Gráinne Walsh's full interview with Off The Ball here: