Offaly dog pound statistics for 2022 revealed

The 2022 Local Authority Control of Dogs Statistics report has revealed that, in total, 293 dogs entered the pound in Offaly last year. This number contains dogs surrendered to the pound, stray dogs, and dogs seized for breaches of Dog Control Legislation.

Of this total figure, 134 dogs were surrendered by their owners, 142 were strays, and 17 were seized.

This report, compiled by the Department of Rural and Community Development, reveals that 49 of these dogs were reclaimed, and 51 re-homed. 168 dogs were transferred to dog welfare groups, and one dog died of natural causes. No dogs were euthanised in the 2022 calendar year in Offaly.

At the end of the year, 27 dogs remained on hand.

In 2022, there were 4 incidences of aggressive dog behaviours, with one resulting in physical injury to either body or clothes.

There were 70-80 sheep/cattle/poultry attacked by dogs in Offaly in 2022, with 50 maimed, killed, or put down as a result of such attacks.